Chemical Peels

At Coastal Aesthetics Medi-Spa we treat all skin types and work with you to accomplish your personal skincare goals.  Common skincare concerns we help our clients manage include aging skin (restoring volume & minimizing wrinkles), diminishing sun damage and discoloration, acne, rosacea, and melisma (pregnancy skin mask).  Call us at 207-363-2300 and we can schedule a complimentary appointment to discuss your skincare concerns and needs.

We offer SkinMedica® professional grade chemical peels and our Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner in office performs these.  Chemical peels are applied to the facial skin and work on the top layers of damaged, wrinkled, or blemished skin. The peel induces peeling which allows for the growth and replacement of new, healthy skin.  Chemical peels produce results of radiant, more resilient, and younger appearing skin.  There are three peels our Nurse Practitioner can apply and together the two of you will determine which is best for your individualized skin type and needs.

Please call 207-363-2300 for pricing.

SkinMedica Professional Peel Products

SkinMedica Professional Peel Products


Illuminating Peel is our most basic and least invasive of the 3 peels.  This particular peel utilizes a new generation of Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), which maximize the skin’s rejuvenating effects with very little irritation. It is appropriate for all skin types.


Vitalize Peel is our moderate peel, still appropriate for all skin types.  This peel is designed to treat mild to moderate acne, acne scarring, melasma, and sun damage.  Results are predictable and noticeable after just one peel.

Treatment can be repeated every 2-4 weeks; expect 2-3 days of peeling after each treatment.  This peel is excellent for teenage acne. (Physician’s permission is required).


Rejuvenize Peel is our strongest peel in the SkinMedica® line. It is comprised with an advanced formulation-peeling agent, which has a built-in anti-irritant and penetration enhancer.  This enhancer provides controlled exfoliation and focuses on moderate to severe photo damaged skin, melasma, fine lines, acne, and acne scars.  This peel can be repeated every 4-6 weeks; please expect approximately 2-5 days of peeling.