Facial services

At Coastal Aesthetics we offer customized facials along with SkinMedica® facial masques. Both are applied in office and address various skin issues including dry, dehydrated, sensitive, and acne prone skin. 

Relaxing, Customized Facials and Masques



On-the-go facial      $50  

Life is busy.. we get it! Whether you're looking for a quick touch-up to help with troubled skin or you need a boost for that special weekend ahead, this express facial is made for you! 

Customized facial      $80  

Our customized facial is tailed to your skin type and needs by our skin therapist. Treatment includes a warm towel, deep cleansing with exfoliation, serum that targets your individual needs, followed by massage and a moisturizer application. 

Teen facial      $55  

This facial aims to treat oily & acne prone skin. Treatment includes a deep cleanse with exfoliation, extraction and a moisturizer application. 

mens facial      $65  

Can't forget the men! This treatment is aimed to help rejuvenate, clear, and hydrate the face. 


For sensitive, dry, and post-procedure skin. This facial masque does exactly what it’s named for; calming the skin. It works to hydrate and restore the skins natural balance. This masque is infused with ingredients including shea butter, chamomile extract, and green leaf tea extract. Applied in office for 10 minutes and leave with your skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, and calm.


For dry, dehydrated, and sun damaged skin. This gentle facial masque is great after a day at the beach as it contains TNS, a unique SkinMedica formulation that contains growth factors, soluble collagen, and antioxidants. All these key ingredients work together to produce skin that appears hydrated, nourished, plumped, and firmer. Applied in office for 10 minutes and leave with your skin feeling hydrated, firmer, and rejuvenated. 


This facial masque is ideal for acne-prone or problematic skin. Key ingredients of tea tree oil and Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark Extract work to remove dead skin cells, soothe irritated skin, tighten pore structure, and restore luminous skin. Applied in office for 10 minutes and leave with your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.