Dermaplaning treatment at Coastal Aesthetics Medi-Spa.


Dermaplaning: $48

(Includes cleansing, dermaplane and soothing mask)

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an 'instant gratification' treatment.  Dermaplaning is a gentle manual exfoliation treatment that planes away the outermost layer of dead skin which also removes the vellus facial hair ("peach fuzz") and leaves your skin fresh, new, and increadibly smooth. It is performed with a sterile surgical blade which is stroked along the skin to gently remove dead skin cells from the epidermis (skin).  

Who is a candidate for Dermaplaning:

Anyone! This is a treatment that anyone can benefit from! Specific conditions include rough or dull skin, uneven tone, or increased 'peach fuzz' (thin facial hair). 

Results after one treatment:

  • fresh, smooth & soft skin

  • more even skin tone

  • home care products will penetrate deeper and work better

  • smoother makeup application

  • removal of 'peach fuzz' (vellus hair) without stimulating it. Hair will NOT become more coarse or thicker (unlike shaving).